Combi boilers are one of the most popular types of central heating boiler that are used around the UK today, but just what is it about these boilers that make them such a good choice?

Not only do combi boilers come in one individual unit to provide both heating and hot water, but the central heating system doesn’t need a separate boiler installed elsewhere in your home, like in your airing cupboard or loft, either.

Unlike a heat-only boiler, combi boilers don’t store hot water themselves but draw on the water that’s running through the mains, which is why a separate boiler installation in the home is not needed. So, what are the benefits of upgrading to a combi boiler in your home?


Combi boilers are a much more efficient option in many different ways.

They allow you to heat both your home and your water quickly wherever you need to. Since there’s no need to heat up a hot water tank every time you want to use the hot tap, you can save money on your energy bills with a combi boiler.

They are far more energy-efficient; condensing boilers, in particular, are designed to be really efficient and a modern one will be sure to comply with current regulations.

If you’re considering looking at some of the best combi boilers, these are the 5 top options on the market and are available from Boiler Central, where you can find a wide range of combi boilers to suit your household’s needs.

Easier Installation:

Heating engineers often spend most of their time installing new combi boilers, and the reason for this is because they are a very simple and easy system to install, understand, operate, and maintain.

Installing a new combi boiler is usually a very quick and easy process, which means that you can save a lot of money compared to other kinds of boiler installation costs.

The amount of piping needed to install the boiler is also reduced considerably since there’s no need to connect pipes with an external water tank on your property.

And since there’s only one unit to look after, maintenance costs are reduced considerably too.


Installing a combi boiler in your home can be a safer option for your family.

The cold water from a combi boiler will always be safe to drink since it comes directly from the mains; unlike cold water where a traditional boiler is installed, which may have been stored for some time in a tank before it is piped through the house and into your glass.

Fewer Problems:

No homeowner likes to deal with boiler issues and the good news is that when you have a combi boiler, they are less likely to give you problems. In fact, you can just get on with your day and forget that the boiler is even there most of the time!

Since the hot water is taken directly from the mains water supply, combi boiler systems do not tend to suffer from low pressure or airlocks a great deal.


Generally, central heating systems that use a combi boiler tend to have much less build-up of sludge, since the water is piped directly from the mains supply, rather than being kept in a tank in the home where it’s easier for it to accrue debris and rust.

Easier Servicing:

Since combi boilers are so popular in homes around the UK, you can be sure that most boiler engineers are going to know how to service and repair them compared to older boiler types, which are no longer as popular and many engineers do not work with on a regular basis.

As a result, finding qualified engineers to service or call out to your combi boiler in your area has never been easier.

Any Disadvantages to Consider?

More often than not, upgrading your boiler system to a combi boiler is an ideal choice for any home, and there are more advantages than there are downsides.

However, it’s important to consider some disadvantages that you might find, which include:

  • Mains pressure dependence – in order for your combi boiler to work correctly, you will need good mains pressure. It’s worth checking the mains pressure in your area before you commit to having one installed.
  • Limited use – You can’t run more than one bath or shower at the same time with a combi boiler or use the hot tap while somebody is in the shower. This could pose issues if you live in a large house with multiple bathrooms, or have several people living in the same home.
  • No immersion heater – If your combi boiler does break down, the lack of immersion heater means that you will be left without both hot water and central heating, although you can have an electric shower installed to get hot water regardless of boiler issues.

Overall, installing a combi boiler is a good upgrade for your home, with many benefits compared to a traditional system.

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